Capital Improvement Plan

Since its beginning, the Warren County Shenandoah Farms Sanitary District (SFSD) and the POSF BOD have worked to improve and maintain the roadways and other properties within our community through the use of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The continued turnover of our road system to the VDOT has brought a cost savings to the community. The additions of Kiss and Ride lots and parks have created a family friendly community. The DIO lists both external and internal projects that are being considered as well as ones that have been approved.

Additions to the COP are discussed throughout the year at both our General and Executive Meetings. During the 1st quarter of every year the POSF BOD holds a committee meeting to determine the recommendations for additions to the CIP as slots become available. These recommendations are then forwarded to the Warren County Sanitary District Manager for final approval.

We are continually seeking the residents input in this endeavor. If you have any suggestions please contact your representative or attend a meeting and make your voice heard.